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The Power of Goal Setting

Does anyone else struggle with adhering to the goals they set out to achieve? I know I can't be the only one! I always start with the right intentions and outline, yet over time, those goals start to feel less important and forgotten about. What's up with that? For me, the goal never became less important at my core; however, because of life and timing, it went from being something in the forefront of thoughts to fading into the background. Truthfully, I hate that! I know that at my core my goal is important but my desire and motivation to get there seem to dwindle more and more with each passing day. It makes me wonder why this happens to all of us and what is holding us back? For me, self-limiting beliefs and anxiety overcome my desire to achieve my goals. My self-limiting beliefs come in many forms, one of them being a very negative voice that tells me "you are not good enough," "not smart enough, "you will fail and quit like you always do." Saying all of those harsh words out loud tends to leave me speechless. It is hard to sit here and not to question those awful words when they come into focus. I think anxiety also plays a role, it creates builds up and makes me feel more overwhelmed than the situation calls for. This also just pushes those goals and dreams further and further from my grasp. Yet, what if instead of just thinking about a goal, we wrote it down? Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write it daily until writing it was a habit and that habit led us to action. Well, buckle up buttercup! Rachel Hollis, the iconic entrepreneur herself, shared her goal-setting habits in her book Girl, Stop Apologizing, and on her Rise podcast. For her, it involves writing down what you want your future to look like, write it as if it has happened and you are living it. Then write out all your goals as if they happened, even the big scary ones that you haven't said aloud but you know that you can achieve them. Finally, write 10 dreams. Dreams are not yet goals but your goals help you get there - write them down even if you think they are stupid, just do it! This plan works great and I have used it and have found success with it. That moment when you accomplish a goal and you can cross it off your list is so satisfying and makes you feel so accomplished. Nevertheless, what is missing from that notion is the basics. And by basics, I mean SMART goals. These are goals that you break down and learn more from. So, stay tuned! Next week, I will be diving into more tangible uses for SMART goals and ways that you can practice active goal setting. Want a head start? Click here to download my free goal setting worksheet to get started with this! And don't forget to stay connected through Instagram and Facebook to keep up with this Goal Setting Campaign!

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